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Paper and cardboard including:

newspapers and magazines

catalogues and directories

writing/typing paper



cardboard - if you can fit it in your sack. Otherwise, please take it to a Community Recycling Centre

paper envelopes with or without windows (padded envelopes need to go in the black sack)

Cans and tins including:

food tins

drink cans

pet food tins

sweet/biscuit tins

metal lids from bottles and jars

aerosol cans

Plastic bottles and containers (washed with lids removed) including:

drinks bottles

detergent and bleach bottles

shampoo or shower gel bottles

milk bottles

yoghurt pots and margarine tubs

rigid meat trays and fruit punnets

ready meal containers

plastic bottle caps/lids

Aluminium including:

clean aluminium foil

clean aluminium trays

Food and drink cartons (sometimes called Tetrapak) including:

fruit juice cartons

soup cartons

long life milk cartons


Cardboard should be broken down and placed inside the recycling sack and tied! Cardboard left loose next to rubbish will become soiled and wet and unuseable. If it’s too large it can’t be processed at the recycling factory so take large cardboard to the Community Recycling Centre(tip) Find out more here